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The awe Inspiring Journey of Therapy Clinique. Where Artistry Meets Aromatherapy

In a world where knowledge is at our fingertips, one artisan, Macaullay P. Raquel, or simply “Mac” to his friends, harnessed the power of digital resources to learn the delicate art of aromatherapy. Creating exquisite handmade aromatics products from calming candles, room & linen sprays, and reed diffusers. His story is a testament to the transformative potential of passion and digital learning.

Like so many modern artisans, Mac’s entrepreneurial journey began online. He entered the world of aromatherapy by scouring the internet for resources, tutorials, and inspiration. Just as beauty is subjective, Mac saw the potential to craft his own unique interpretations of aromatherapy. he owned his craft by continually improving his skills and turned mere information into an art form. With each creation, Mac began to infuse his distinct style, making every Therapy Clinique aromatherapy product into a work of art.

Nestled in the culturally rich ambiance of Baguio, Therapy Clinique scents are hugely influenced by it’s natural environment.

Therapeutic scents offer a wide range of potential benefits, both for physical and emotional well-being. Aromatherapy creations are not just enjoyed for it’s fragrance but also it’s health benefits.

Aromatherapy is not limited to DIY enthusiasts or artisans alone. They hold a significant place in the realm of healthcare and holistic wellness. Licensed medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, midwives, and physical therapists, often integrate aromatherapy into their treatments, enhancing therapeutic benefits. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists also utilize essential oils, providing a holistic approach to well-being. Aromatherapy’s versatility underscores its value in healthcare, where it combines expertise with the profound impact of scent.

Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Stress Reduction
2. Improved Sleep
3. Mood Enhancement
4. Pain Relief and Management
5. Respiratory Health
6. Immune Support
7. Enhanced Concentration
8. Skin Care
9. Digestive Aid
10. Hormone Balance in women
11. Relaxation and Self-Care
12. Boosted Energy
13. Emotional Balance
14. Aesthetic Pleasure

As Therapy Clinique continues to thrive, the future holds exciting possibilities. Mac’s dedication to his craft, along with his commitment to delivering high-quality aromatic products, promises a bright path ahead. With each passing day, this artisanal venture further entwines itself with the hearts and homes of those who appreciate the beauty and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.



How did you learn your skill(s)?

Nestled in the artistic haven of Baguio, I’ve found my calling as a local artisan crafting scented candles, room sprays, and aromatherapy delights. My journey started with a virtual exploration, learning the nuances of this craft online. Through countless hours of self-guided practice, I transformed into a self-taught creator, letting the essence of Baguio’s serene mountains and rich culture infuse my creations. Each flicker of candlelight and mist of room spray bears the mark of my dedication and the natural inspiration drawn from this picturesque locale. As a local artisan, I take pride in sharing the fragrant fruits of my continuous learning and passion with the community that surrounds me.

MY FAVORITE creation

Share with us your favorite creation

My favorite product, a harmonious fusion of room spray and candles, is a testament to your commitment to sensory bliss. The room spray releases a symphony of scents, blending the crispness of Baguio’s mountain air with subtle floral and earthy notes. With a simple spritz, it transforms any space into a sanctuary of tranquility. Paired with it, the scented candles echo this aromatic melody. As the candle flame dances, it unleashes the same captivating fragrance, casting a warm, comforting glow that adds an extra layer of ambiance. This dynamic duo, meticulously crafted, not only elevates your surroundings but also reflects your passion for creating a sensory experience that resonates with the heart of Baguio’s natural beauty.


Describe your first product

My inaugural creation, a scented candle inspired by the soul of Baguio, is a captivating embodiment of your artistic journey. Infused with the essence of the mountain breeze and the unique charm of this picturesque town, the candle encapsulates a delicate balance of floral and woody notes. The flicker of its flame mirrors the warmth of your dedication, casting a soft glow that transforms any space into a haven of tranquility. This first product not only marks the inception of your craft but also captures the spirit of Baguio, making it a timeless and cherished expression of your passion for aromatherapy.

What drives your passion?


Share your wisdom on what it means to support our awesome local businesses.

Supporting our local businesses is not merely a transaction; it’s a powerful embrace of community spirit and shared dreams. In choosing to patronize the endeavors of our neighbors and fellow artisans, we become threads woven into the rich fabric of our local tapestry. Each purchase is a vote of confidence, a belief in the uniqueness and value that these businesses bring to our lives.

Behind every storefront is a dreamer, a creator pouring their heart and soul into their craft. When we choose local, we amplify the heartbeat of our community, fostering a connection that transcends commerce. It’s a dance of reciprocity — our support fuels their passion, and their dedication enhances the vibrancy of our shared spaces.

In supporting local businesses, we nurture the roots of our community, ensuring that the distinct flavor and character of our neighborhoods thrive. It’s an investment in the stories that unfold within those storefronts, a commitment to preserving the authenticity that makes our community truly extraordinary.

So, let’s not merely buy local; let’s celebrate, uplift, and stand beside our local businesses. For in doing so, we are not just consumers; we are stewards of dreams, architects of resilience, and champions of the extraordinary tapestry that is our local community.

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