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Canvas tote bags


Curious How Canvas tote bags fuels this Filipina mom's entrepreneurship and creativity?

The tote bag frenzy has come a long way from its history. Pioneered by the LL Bean company in Maine, its initial purpose was to address the common challenge of moving ice from a car to a freezer back in 1944. In the Philippines, canvas tote bags became popular in the early 2000s as an effort to reduce plastic waste. Since then, many innovative entrepreneurs have put their own twist on canvas bags. One such inspiring success story is Kringles Handicrafts Trading, a business that has been flourishing since its establishment in the year 2000.

In 2023, Kringles took the reins of the family business, marking a new chapter in her life. Transitioning into a pivotal role encompassing design and management may seem daunting to many, but not to Kringles. Her journey began at a young age as she closely observed and learned the nuances of the trade from her parents. It was this early exposure that kindled her passion and set her on a path of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Kringles’ product line includes a range of canvas bags. Not only are they functional and eco-friendly shopping bags, but in recent years, canvas tote bags have captured the hearts of the younger generation. The versatility of canvas tote bags as gifting options cannot be overstated. Their lightweight nature, affordability, and customization options have made them not only a practical choice but also a trendy gifting idea. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a simple token of appreciation, these bags have become the go-to choice for thoughtful and sustainable gifts. Kringles’ commitment to providing unique, customizable options ensures that each gift carries a personal touch and a heartfelt message.

While there are many varieties of canvas and jute fabrics, Kringles Handicrafts Trading uses high-quality, thick materials for their bags. Their excellent needlework ensures that their merchandise doesn’t burst at the seams.

In a world driven by fast fashion and disposable items, Kringles Handicrafts Trading stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, passion, and sustainability. The tote bag has evolved from being a simple utility item to a cherished fashion statement and meaningful gift. Through dedication, creativity, and a deep love for her craft, Kringles continues to weave her unique story into every eco-friendly tote bag she creates, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion and craftsmanship.



How did you learn your skill(s)?

I was able to learn and develop my skills through my parents. They opened their handicrafts business in the year 2000, and in January 2023, they handed the ownership of the business to me.

I was able to adapt the different processes of how our products was made by watching them produce these handicrafts. They guided me as I entered and walked down the path of managing a business on my own.

MY FAVORITE creation

Share with us your favorite creation

My favorite product is the Sharon foldable bag. What I like about this bag is its durability and sustainability. You can also fold it that’s why it’s convenient.

Sharon foldable bag


Describe your first product

The Sharon Foldable bag is made of high quality durable canvas and jute material. It was name after “Sharon, bituin walang ningning meme” you know what I’m talking about.🤣

What drives your passion?


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3 thoughts on “Curious How Canvas tote bags fuels a Filipina mom’s entrepreneurship and creativity?”

  1. Nowadays that plastic ban are getting activated in many cities, carrying a canvas tote bag (plus some extras) are a must. It is also a smart gift idea.

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