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The Artistic Journey of Monthly Monsoon: traditional Sewing techniques, Design, and Social Impact

We are proud to share with you the story behind Monthly Monsoon, a fusion of traditional sewing techniques and modern graphic design. Delve into the journey of Lorraine ‘Loffy’ Bermejo, where her passion for learning crafts Whimsical Products that are truly special.

School is where we lay our foundational skills—reading, writing, and math among others—preparing us to choose from a multitude of colleges and carve out our future career paths. Typically, we lean towards conventional white-collar professions, so it’s quite refreshing to see how a high school Home Economics class ignited a spark in young Loffy’s mind!

Loffy, a naturally creative child, was always drawn to drawing and composition. This interest blossomed in her teenage years as she ventured into the digital realms of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, constantly upgrading her skills with online trainings and courses.

When Loffy was introduced to sewing in school, it piqued her curiosity and spurred her to enhance her Felt Fabric Crafts further. She eagerly turned to YouTube tutorials and numerous blog posts, enriching her knowledge and expertise.

Loffy’s exploration of felt fabric began when her sister gave her some leftover scraps from a project. She soon discovered the material’s robustness and ease of handling. Its sustainability and eco-friendliness, particularly the pure wool variety, resonated with her, leading her to adopt felt as her primary medium.

At Monthly Monsoon, our Felt Fabric Toys are not just Cute Baby Toys; they are a vibrant, playful celebration of creativity. Each piece is crafted with Safe Baby Materials, ensuring they are perfect for little ones. But Monthly Monsoon’s charm doesn’t stop there. Our collection, featuring Fun Fashionista Products and Chibi Style Accessories, appeals to all ages. It’s a vibrant Colorful Toy Store not just for kids but for anyone who appreciates a dash of whimsy in their life.

Loffy’s path at Monthly Monsoon is one of continuous learning and growth, marked by her passion, creativity, and commitment to social impact.

A heartening aspect of Monthly Monsoon is its dedication to social causes. A portion of the sales is donated to The Marlon Reston Mental Health Warrior Fund. You can message them on their Facebook if you want to donate or by purchasing products from Monthly Monsoon. This non-profit organization assists BLISTT residents who struggle to afford mental health care. Loffy also extends her support by occasionally employing individuals with mental health conditions as crafters—a cause close to her heart, especially since she was diagnosed with clinical depression in her early 20s.

We’re grateful for your support in this journey. Remember, by supporting Sustainable Filipino Products like Monthly Monsoon, you make a significant difference in our community and beyond.

Stay creative and passionate!



How did you learn your skill(s)?

I learned a bit of sewing in our home economics subject in high school, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I made a conscious decision to learn more about sewing and to level up my skills. Mostly I watched YouTube tutorial videos and studied the free materials I found online.

As for design, I’ve always been interested in drawing and composition as a child. I started tinkering with Adobe Photoshop as a teenager then moved on to Illustrator and other design apps and software. I also joined trainings and online design courses over the years.

Monthly Monsoon is the intersection of these two skill sets. I create the designs and patterns for my products using computer software, and I like how this business allows me to marry the traditional skill of sewing and the contemporary art of graphic design. It’s about creating modern pieces with a touch of traditional craftsmanship, a blend of the past and the present. I’m still learning something new every day — new techniques, materials, and trends in both sewing and design. It’s a dynamic journey that keeps me on my toes.

MY FAVORITE creation

Share with us your favorite creation

My favorite among all my products is the cassette tape phone pouch. It’s functional and whimsical and a throwback to the ’90s. For a while I got tired of making the pouches and considered retiring them, but customers kept asking about them and even ordering personalized ones. I ended up consigning them to a few shops in Baguio. They’re one of my bestsellers and I still make them today.


Describe your first product

I initially made crafts out of paper and cardboard but my first felt product was a make-your-own-pizza pretend play set. It wasn’t the best in craftsmanship or execution, but it holds a special place in my heart as the product that started it all.

What drives your passion?


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