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It all began with a beautiful idea, a spark of inspiration on how to connect people with Filipino products online. As passionate crafters ourselves, who have experienced the vibrant energy of local market pop-ups (those events that fill your heart with joy and the festive spirit), we’ve always been captivated by the diverse array of goods and the fresh, innovative ideas we encounter. It’s truly remarkable to discover products you never even knew existed, all made by talented Filipinos!

And that got us thinking, why not bring these exquisite artisan products directly to their target customers through the power of online marketing? Not only within the Philippines, but let’s take it global! The Philippines is renowned as a rich resource for raw materials, supplying businesses worldwide. However, amidst this abundance, we discovered a treasure trove of local products that are equally competitive, yet often overlooked. That’s when the idea of Purplestone PH was born.

But why did we choose to focus on promoting locally owned businesses? It’s because we deeply believe in the people and the captivating stories behind each local brand. These are not just products—they represent the dedication and dreams of real individuals. Each brand carries a rich history that has molded it into what it is today. And you know what? Many of these entrepreneurs have inspiring rags-to-riches stories that truly touch our hearts. Those stories inspire us the most and ignite a fire within us to strive for our own company’s success.

We genuinely recognize and admire the strength that lies within local products. Our partners have poured their hearts into mastering their crafts, meticulously refining and perfecting their products until they are confident in their outstanding quality. They have built credible businesses cherished by their loyal fans. Continuously, they seek improvement, exploring new ways to create products that cater to every Filipino’s needs and desires.

And let us share something close to our hearts—our company deeply values our planet’s well-being. We are committed to embracing eco-friendly practices and supporting the creation of more sustainable products sourced from our naturally abundant motherland. We believe that by nurturing a greener Earth, we can contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.

Our ultimate mission is to uplift every artisan, every indigenous creator, and every micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) we encounter. We firmly believe that success is best achieved when we rise collectively. We want to grow together, hand in hand, supporting each other on this journey towards success as we celebrate the beauty of Filipino craftsmanship, share heartfelt stories, and create a thriving community that embraces the diversity and resilience of the Filipinos.

Fun Fact: Purple is a color that symbolizes women’s empowerment, and Purplestone PH was established by a woman entrepreneur, Ann Andrada. The term ‘Stone’ is derived from the Filipino saying ‘itaga mo sa bato,’ which connects Purplestone PH to a commitment of becoming a distinguished platform for genuine Filipino products.

"Empowering Filipino Entrepreneurs, Elevating Local Quality, and Boosting Business Revenue - Together we rise towards success!"


Our website is dedicated to showcasing the thriving Filipino business community, and it is our unwavering vision to make Filipino brands not only visible in the Philippines but also globally recognized. We are committed to providing Filipino entrepreneurs with the essential tools, resources, and support to help them achieve success in their ventures. Purplestone PH is your trusted partner online!


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